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How to choose the right Hydroblasting machine to get desired results for Ship Hull cleaning!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hydro Blasting Machine is used for various processes like Ship Hull Cleaning, Surface Cleaning, Paint & Rust Removal, Surface Preparation, Concrete Demolition (Hydro Demolition), Kiln Cleaning in Cement Plants, Tank Cleaning with Special Nozzles, and many more.

Each industrial process has different kinds of requirements specific for them in terms of flow rate, pressure, motor HP, etc. We will try to simplify Ship Hull Cleaning for you so that you can have the right product fit.

The hull bottom of a ship returning from a lengthy cruise resembles a massive "settlement," colony of algae and other marine animals. Regardless of the most recent techniques designed to prevent the ship from fouling, the comparable overgrowth can be 500 millimeters thick or more. The speed is reduced by 30% of the rated speed, and hence the fuel oil consumption rises by the same amount.

Why is it important to do ship hull cleaning?

Docking is no longer required for underwater cleaning of the hull, propeller, sea valves, gratings, and other fouling-prone structural parts. Regular underwater cleaning of the ship allows for a 95-98% restoration of the initial speed and, as a result, a reduction in fuel oil expenditures, which often account for nearly half of the operating costs.

During the inter-docking period, planned underwater cleaning of the hull is very economically advantageous; for example, such actions can save up to 900 ton fuel oil per year for a shipowner with a tanker of 50 ton displacement. Here is a summary of the effectiveness of such procedures as underwater cleaning:

  • The ship's weight decreases

  • increasing maneuverability and speed

  • Surfaces are ready for inspections or repairs;

  • Consumption of petroleum products falls;

  • The ship's total lifetime lengthens.

When to look out for hull cleaning?

Cleaning the hull and propellers is advised in the following situations:

  • Following the ship's return from a long cruise.

  • With a significant drop in ship speed and greater fuel consumption.

  • With a decrease in the efficiency of the on-board cooling system.

  • Prior to carrying out planned underwater examinations.

Best fit for Ship Hull cleaning:

Our model KDD 20-95, with a Pressure in bar (PSI) of 1380 (20000) and motor HP (Engine HP) of 150 (194) with a flow rate of 43 LPM and model KDD 20-75, with a Pressure in bar (PSI) of 1380 (20000) and motor HP (Engine HP) of 120 (154) with the flow rate of 30 LPM are best suited for hull cleaning.

To know more about other applications and best customized products for them, visit our website:


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