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Hydroblasting: A sustainable and better way for Boiler cleaning!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

There are typically multiple approaches to doing a task, and combustion-side boiler cleaning is no exception. In fact, the many cleaning techniques employed by contractors for this job are incredibly diverse, ranging from hydroblasting to the employment of explosives in a more brute-force manner. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages of its own, but PressureJet concentrates on hydroblasting because it has some significant advantages over the alternatives.

Fewer Downtime Needed - The fact that hydroblasting can typically complete a fireside or gas path boiler cleaning work with little to no downtime—in circumstances where there is access—is probably its biggest benefit, which prompts facility managers to sit up and take notice when informed about its application. When utilising explosives to blast debris out of boiler tubes' external walls, neighbouring work must usually stop and everyone else must leave the area for safety. However, hydroblasting macines are quite concentrated and doesn't endanger anyone who might be working nearby. As a result, nearby work can continue.

Entrance and Exit - In our experience, hydroblasting entails less issues than other boiler cleaning processes because it uses water, a non-toxic, unregulated fluid, and is so adaptable. Hydroblasting doesn't require a government permit, whereas getting approval to use explosives can be a time-consuming, laborious process. Precision is another important benefit of hydroblasting. By definition, utilizing explosives produces powerful vibrations and sonic waves that may harm other boiler components and might remove scale from inside the tubes, potentially leading to downstream issues like eroding turbine blades or steam valves. Dealing with the unforeseen consequences may increase the entire job's time and cost. Hydroblasting completes the task as rapidly as feasible inside a precisely defined region. To know more about Hydroblasting machines and its applications, do visit our website:


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